indefinite hiatus

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ive been gradually losing interest in this blog over the past months, as is probably obvious by the fact that i post half as much as i did years ago. my interests have changed a lot so this blog just isnt what it was to me in the past. i also no longer really feel comfortable on this blog bc of the amount of followers and the fact that ive (regrettably) given my url to irl people. i have a new blog, but will not give out the url for now because the anonymity gives me comfort. i am not deleting this blog in case i ever have a change of heart and i am reluctant to because i feel close to those who ive followed for years, even though i dont talk to most of you.

if you want to remain in touch, please do not hesitate to ask for my phone number, email, snapchat, skype, etc. if we mutually follow each other
bye xx